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Jul 11, 2019

--On the Show:

--Classic Interview: Carol Paris, psychiatrist and member of Physicians for a National Health Program, joins David to discuss why a single-payer national health care system would be preferable to the current system

--Donald Trump touts the US economy as the best in history, yet 40% of the population still struggle to pay their bills

--Caller talks about local sheriffs cooperating with ICE officials

--Caller wants David to promote smaller left-wing YouTube channels

--Caller talks about Gavin McInnes's new show and the Green New Deal

--Caller wonders if Democrats packing the Supreme Court would backfire

--Caller tries to be funny and fails miserably

--Caller wonders how important electability is when choosing a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

--Caller talks about gun control after her mom was robbed at gunpoint

--Audience Question: Could Trump supporters be talked into supporting Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?

--Audience Question: Is David a member of the "Intellectual Dark Web" now that he's been on The Joe Rogan Experience?

--Audience Question: Does a "middle ground" on abortion exist?

--On the Bonus Show: Marijuana legalization tied to decline in teen pot use, grocery store's reusable bag plan backfires, liberals protest Home Depot over Trump-supporting co-founder, and much more...

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